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Marker Dedication
Published on: 8/28/2021
Coverage of the Dr. Mary Holloway Wilhite historical marker dedication on August 25, 2021
A Purposeful Path
Published on: 7/31/2021
Descendants retrace pioneering woman physician’s steps
LWV supports passage of ‘For the People Act’
Published on: 7/30/2021
Envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate” challenges the League of Women Voters
What history reveals on right to vote
Published on: 7/28/2021
"Envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate” challenges the League of Women Voters
Woman's Equality Day
Published on: 8/26/2020
We commemorated Women's Equality Day by launching two special projects.
LWVUS Statement re: Murder of George Floyd
Published on: 5/29/2020
The LWV of the US issued a statement in reference to the murder of George Floyd


Lessons on running
Published on: 11/27/2021
Before the Indiana legislative branch received census data to redraw districts for the next decade, this League of Women Voters member sat down with Senator Phil Boots to discuss how to empower voters with more competitive district maps.
Now is the time to imagine better childcare
Published on: 11/20/2021
Imagine there’s enough affordable daycare for all ages. It’s easier right now through March 2022, if we give it a try. Thanks to pandemic era funding, both parents and providers can find scholarships and grants regardless of income.
EV Are Great for Hoosiers
Published on: 11/13/2021
New jobs. Millions saved in energy costs. Cleaner communities. A smoother transition to electric vehicles. That’s why the REV Midwest Agreement is great news for all of us.
Parents need affordable, flexible childcare options
Published on: 11/6/2021
Meet ALICE — she needs help with childcare.

She’s Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed or she was employed until the pandemic shutdown. She’s heard the headlines about people who need to get back to work, but for her to go back to do so, she’ll need child care, something affordable, maybe with flexible hours, depending who hired her.
Zoning Complicates Housing Solutions
Published on: 10/30/2021
Question: how is zoning affecting Crawfordsville’s housing and diversity?
All good columns begin with a question, and one on Crawfordsville’s growth, as it intersects with our housing shortage, population growth, and diversity. Mayor Barton has noted in interviews and on podcasts that Montgomery County and Crawfordsville have a housing shortage in spite of our stagnant population growth.
Montgomery County Courthouse: An inside scoop
Published on: 10/23/2021
In the spring of 2018, crowds gathered around the Montgomery County courthouse in downtown Crawfordsville to see a 22-year effort come to fruition. On May 17, an enormous crane lifted the 86-foot, four-sided, restored clock tower with its five-foot clock faces into place atop the historic building. It had been nearly 80 years since a clock tower tower had crowned the courthouse.
New government center is not a ‘courthouse annex’
Published on: 10/16/2021
Our Montgomery County Administrator Tom Klein is quick to remind citizens that the new Montgomery County Government Center (currently under construction) is not simply a “courthouse annex” designed to store the overflow of records. To understand this important distinction that accompanies the relocation of many county departments, let’s take a quick glance at county government’s function.
Monitoring the Eviction Crisis
Published on: 10/9/2021
Eviction is humiliating, frightening, and stigma-bearing. Sometimes, it’s a slow process of utilities shut off by authorities, belongings shoveled onto the street for all to see, hastily renting
storage that a person may not be able to pay for, having those belongings auctioned off as a lot. Sometimes, it means a parent divides her children, sending some to live with this or that
relative. The personal experience ripples to children, family, and beyond. It’s why eviction-prevention became a rallying point during the shutdown.
Is It Even Possible To Help Too Much
Published on: 10/2/2021
Is it possible to help too much? When it comes to shelter and other basic needs, the question is worth wrestling with. Stacey Doty, who is Crawfordsville Housing Authority’s director, has borne witness to the need both in Montgomery County and Parke County, where she previously served.
Who You Gonna Call?
Maria Weir
Published on: 9/25/2021
Who are you going to call if your road needs a sign or a bridge seems to need an inspection? Where can you find court forms asking for a settlement with your landlord? Where are child support numbers? Which government- city or county- in charge of these services? We may not know because county government is complex and more collaborative than most of us realize.
For this reason, County Administrator Tom Klein presented County Government 101 to the Chamber of Commerce and the public on Monday, Sept. 13th. The League of Women Voters cosponsored the forum where Klein mapped the many departments of county government.
Seniors Need Decent Housing Options in Montgomery County
Maria Weir
Published on: 9/18/2021
The League of Women Voters in Montgomery County concluded a housing study in 2017. Their data affirmed the call for more options for seniors, options that focus on affordability, dignity, and capacity for all stages of aging.
Housing Solutions for the Homeless Helps Our Economic Future
Maria Weir
Published on: 9/11/2021
What a surprise, locals might have thought when the Census Bureau confirmed in August that there is a shortage of housing units in Crawfordsville.
Gamifying Redistrict Maps
Published on: 9/4/2021
In August, Indiana’s legislature received the US Census data, which green lighted the drawing of the district maps for the next decade. Maps will be drawn for national, state, and county voting districts.
The Real Fraud Around Elections
Published on: 8/28/2021
For the ninety-five years between the 15th Amendment and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, it seemed reasonable and right to many Americans to enact “poll taxes, literacy tests, and other bureaucratic obstacles” ( to prevent Black, Native and other races from voting.
A Long Awaited Dedication
Published on: 8/21/2021
Historical markers. It’s easy to pass them by without stopping to read the words that unassumingly anchor our city to its story. On the corner of Wabash and Grant, where the colonnade for Wabash College stands reads one of the city’s newest markers: “Dr. Mary Holloway Wilhite..."
The Hidden Wound Revisited
Published on: 8/14/2021
Wendell Berry wrote 'The Hidden Wound' in the year of Dr. King’s assassination, when another piece of the shrapnel, buried in us
all, broke to the surface.
Parallel of then and now: Women’s right to vote
Published on: 8/4/2021
On Aug. 18, 1920, the ratification of the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote. Not all women, though, because the history of voting rights is not equal to voting access. Nevertheless, it was a start and had a context of its own, a context that rhymes with the present.
What Senator Young gets wrong about S1
Published on: 7/19/2021
What is the simplest, most patriotic act one can do for their nation? Vote. Voting is the central act of self-governance, and it should be accessible to all citizens.